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The Knowing Body

by Pam Newton

March 15, 2019

We humans are highly complex energy systems. And, we experience our lives in a physical body so long as we are sentient beings. Within each of us lives the capacity to connect to breath, self-awareness, and an energic relationship to ourselves and to others. Attunement of oneself and others reinvigorates everyday living with creativity and authentic experience, igniting a desire to connect, make meaning, and interact with others.

This vigor experienced in the BodyHeartMind (all one system) is felt as sensation, emotion, and thought. Listening to the knowing of the body calls us to slow down, to breathe deep, and to move into the fascinating inner environment of sensation and images. From here we can then move outside into relationship with a grounded sense of authenticity.

Building a strong, resilient container for the BodyHeartMind is the same as building a Self. Dropping down into awareness connects us to shifting energies. Some feel peaceful and relaxing. Others may be experienced as disruptive, unexpected, and even dangerous. One foot in and one foot out allows each of us to become sensitive to the Self in motion without becoming overwhelmed or dissociated.

Dance, Meditation, Martial Arts, Yoga, simple Stretching, and Walking all help with this connection. It is fun for each one of us to figure out what feels best and is healthy and safe for our particular BodyHeartMind.

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