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The Assabet River, Nipmuc, and Waino Kaupi

By Pamela Newton


The initial inspiration for creating the MILL Town Trilogy began in 2015 when I first moved into a Maynard home on the river.  Sounds, images, a sense of visiting beings began to haunt me.  River Spirits began to form, an evocation of sound and past residents of this area.

What are you writing?

To Robin in New Zealand on Messenger

I am writing out the patter/splat of the rain

And the patter of feet that turn into grown men of unique rhythms.

I am writing about the images in the didgeridoo, accordian, tabla, sax, finger harp, frame drum, and cornet.

Sometimes, it is breath, and breeze, bouncing rabbits that land on my page.

And then, age and ages flow through my pen, tap out on the computer, and festoon my bodymind with characters.  Their prophecies, aches and pains, periods haunt my words.

My imagination stretches into hallucination and humiliations.

I write a BLOG of plaints and rhapsodies

In a tone of small town talk and river remedies.

I mark the stone with red rock.

I sway my hips with fascinations and costumes to catch the rustling trees, stopping long enough to edit.

To pray, to weep over the rock wall.

Voices call me back into the wetlands of the Assabet.

Close by … Waino Kaupi, the Nipmuc, the ground hog and deer.

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