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The mission of Dreamscape Collaborative is to bridge cultural divides, to inspire and connect people, and to celebrate our diversity through personal stories, creative expression, and the performing arts. 


Our projects aim to bring performers and audience members together through original works. We produce pieces that consider how the most important, universal human experiences – love, dislocation, aging, the desire to belong, deep communication, the pain of alienation, and reconciliation – are experienced uniquely by each individual.

We use an expanse of art forms and multi-ethnic cast members whose life experiences inform their responses to the themes described above.  The members of our group start with stories about their own lives and personal struggles, and then build new characters and evolving forms through the rehearsal process. We explore what makes emotional impact: dance, drama, humor, image, light, music, poetry, song, video, to better share our process and discoveries with the audience. Audience involvement in “live art” is often a central element.

We know that creative expression communicates the underlying realities of history and cultural situations in a direct, memorable way.  The arts foster illumination and understanding, the pre-requisites for societal change. We see the language of art as a basic, eternal way for humans to forge meaningful connections, thereby promoting individual healing, community building, and joyful living.




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Pam Newton, Founder
and Creative Director


Pam loves to dance, improvise, and choreograph. She performed in New York, Paris, and then in Boston for
many years and has continued to choreograph, produce and teach. She has taught at the college level and professionally in Boston and Savannah, GA where she worked with over 60 young people at risk who were doing “Hip Hop History Plays” through a theatre project called A.W.O.L. (All Walks of Life). This drew on her background in activism, dance, focusing and stage combat. Her most recent collaborative productions of Songs from the Moon, River Spirits, and Free Flow explore community, cultural clashes, eternal themes, and dream images, Pam lives and teaches classes in Maynard, and is the recipient of grants from the Maynard Cultural Council in 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Pam holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree 
in dance and language from Sarah Lawrence College, a Master's Degree
in dance education from Columbia University, and a Master's Degree in counseling psychology from Boston College. She is a certified Jungian psychoanalyst.

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